Friday, June 27, 2014

Boring history 3: Standard Tool Company, Cleveland, Ohio

I have a few twist drills made by this company, which still find use in my workshop, perhaps a century after they were first made:

The Standard Tool Company started in the 1800's and manufactured straight lip increase twist drills, sockets, chucks, solid and shell reamers, screw driver bits, machinists' screw drivers, special tools and machinery.  It apparently became a branch of the W. Bingham Company, one of the midwest's largest hardware concerns.  Founded in 1841 and incorporated in 1888, the Bingham Company became exclusively a wholesaler in 1915, selling various hardware as well as its own tools under the W. Bingham Co. brand.  Unable to compete with discount stores, the company's wholesale warehouse was closed in 1961.  The company subsequently changed hands several times, eventually being purchased by Formwell Products which continues to operate as a business in Solon, Ohio.

Below, a photo of the Standard Tool Company's factory in 1939:

Cleveland Public Library Digital Collection

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