Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rommel's Mark IV Panzers

Heinz Werner Schmidt.  With Rommel in the Desert.  Bantam, 1979.

"June 20, 1942.  The British fortress of Tobruk is finally falling as Rommel's Mark IV Panzers race toward the sea.  Painting by Gunter Scherrer."


Anonymous said...

I remember it well. (the painting). Amongst many others, I painted a Stuart "Honey" tank for the book "Brazen Chariots" by Major Robert Crisp. (Bantam War Books.1978/79) A lot of research went into these illustrations!

The Duke said...

Thanks for the research and the painting! I have a 1968 Ballantine issue of Brazen Chariots, but the illustration is of a Panzer. It's difficult to make out the artist's name, which looks something like Valiomasky. I find it disappointing that many of the excellent illustrations on older paperback war history books don't even bother to mention the name of the illustrator, so I thought it was great that Bantam gave you clear credit.