Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jockey Cycle

This was on display at the Heritage Day display at the O'Hara Mill Homestead and Conservation Area in Madoc, Ontario.

According to

"The Donalson Jockey Cycle was manufactured in Kansas City in the 1940's for about 4 years from 1944 until 1948 by the J.E. Donalson Manufacturing Company. According to local newspapers in the area, the company's most notable product was the Donalson Jockey Cycle, a tricycle that was ridden like a horse rather than pedaled.  The company also made bicycle, tricycles and some airplane parts for the US Military during World War II. 
The Jockey Cycle is a most unusual tricycle, since it has two large rear wheels and a very small front wheel. What makes it even more unusual is the way it is powered. Instead of the usual rotary pedals, the Jockey Cycle has a bar that is pushed down on with both feet. This turns the rear axle crank which rotates the rear wheels. Another unusual feature is the saddle/seat to moves up and down when the wheels turn, giving the rider the feeling of riding a horse."

The company seems to have run out of ideas for products, based on a 1944 ad they ran in Popular Mechanics:

Follow the link above to see this thing in operation.  Very cool! 

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Am looking for a rear wheel for one of these.