Thursday, December 18, 2014

Fry Guarantee Visible Pump

In 1925, the company advertised thusly:

“Specify Fry! When buying gasoline pumps be sure that you specify Fry. Fry has that rare combination of important essentials – simplicity, accuracy, speed, visibility, economy, and dependability. So don’t forget – when you buy – specify Fry. It is not an accident that the Fry plants have doubled and re-doubled their capacity in an effort to fill the ever increasing quantity of orders. Marketers and retailers of gasoline have found a distinct advantage in selling their well known brand via the well known Fry Visible Pump. The Fry pump has proven its accuracy under all conditions – has proven its dependability under all conditions – has proven itself to be fool-proof under all conditions. Wherever you find one or more Fry pumps in operation you find a constantly increasing gasoline business.” 

At the end of the 1920's, Fry was bought out by the Wayne Company, and the name disappeared from gas pumps. 

The Pittsburgh Press, August 31, 1916

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