Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Suzuki X-6 1966

 Newly introduced and already people are modifying them.



I love the TWIN Enduro version.

rats said...

My goodness that (road)race bike has a lot of brakes for 1966. This might be the earliest use I've seen of disc brakes on a bike. It's a serious-looking thing all round.

You'd want to be wearing three sets of earplugs when it came anywhere near you in the upper RPMs.

Mister G said...

Even at an idle. Actual physical pain. The caliper mounts are clamped onto the fork leg. The article mentions nothing about the brakes. The enduro exhaust pipes are made up of Yamaha YDS-C3 header pipes welded to shortened Suzuki mufflers. Of course a few years later they sold an up-pipe version of the X6.

Anonymous said...

No one is going to comment on the gent's name?

Dick Hammer

I guess you are all more mature than me.

Dick Hammer's Hustler brings a lot of things to mind.
A motorcycle wasn't one of them.