Monday, April 11, 2016

B.F. Goodrich C-clamp

I picked this alloy clamp up recently.  I assume it must have been designed for some tire repair procedure, maybe bead breaking, and would have been made for Goodrich by someone else.

The screw is just a 5/8"-11 TPI thread, not an Acme thread.  I don't know if it was original with the tool, but, aside from a special purpose, such a short screw on a clamp is like T-rex arms--not very useful.

I ended up stripping off of the old paint, sandblasting the clamp, and making up a new screw to return the tool to use as a regular C-clamp.  Came out rather nicely, if I don't say so myself.  

Anyway, a B.F. Goodrich branded clamp--how cool is that?  Maybe it was used to demount tires from a Lightning P38!

Legends in their own time


Anonymous said...

Nicely done indeed! That's a gorgeous piece of work.

I think that tool may have been a tire patching clamp, for bonding patches to the interior surface of a tire's tread. It would have needed a largish, detachable inner jaw (now missing) that would have made the clamp functional with such a short screw.

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