Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We used to make things in this country # 233 Monarch Manufacturing concrete mixer

This concrete mixer, designed by Dudas, Kuypers, Adamson for Monarch Manufacturing in about 1970, was bought by my father who went on to use it for mixing hundreds of yards of concrete as he built his barns and house, all poured concrete. Frequently it was my job to load the sand, gravel concrete and a honey can and a half of water each time. Always liked the machine as a sculpture and it wasn't till much later that I realized it was a Canadian design. As a mixer it had its issues, the angle was wrong so you had to prop the wheels up on a concrete block and when it was dumped, it was too low to get a wheelbarrow under. In any case it got the job done and its still working today, having played a major part in the pouring the sidewalk in the background. It has been out of production for many years.
Monarch Manufacturing is still in business making hydraulic cylinder and iron castings, the mixer business was sold to Crown Construction Equipment in 1993.

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