Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tabloc chainbreaker

Look at those prices! Wonder what minimum wage was in 1966.


The Duke said...

In the US it was $1.25 per hour in 1966. Jumped all the way to $1.40 in 1967! So, the tool cost almost two hours wages at those rates.

Anonymous said...

As I recall the 1960s, tools were very costly; beer and smokes were cheap. A working man could easily afford to spend his evenings smoking and drinking, but machinery and measuring tools and the like were all but out-of-reach.

Nowadays, tools are cheap; beer and smokes are up in the stratosphere. A working man can equip a pretty decent workshop, but he can't afford to sit back with a beer and a smoke afterward to savour the contemplation of it.

The pendulum swings, never resting at a happy medium.