Sunday, April 3, 2016

Miscellaneous Tables, 1906

Who knew that a cubic foot of tallow weighs 59 pounds!  That'll be bound to come in handy some day. Or did you know that one freight car can carry 300 bushels of barley, but 400 of rye?  Mention that to our passenger next time you're waiting for a freight train to finally pass at a level crossing.

The Czar of the Russias was doing pretty damn good back then!  The Sultan of Turkey was no slouch either!  In comparison, the Mikado of Japan was strictly bush league.

From J.L. Nichols, A.M.,  The Business Guide; ...or...Safe Methods of Business.  Standard Edition.  Naperville, Illinois:  J.L. Nichols & Company, 1906.  First copyright 1886.

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