Saturday, April 2, 2016

H K Porter Bolt Cutters (updated)

I recently acquired this lovely set of 18" bolt cutters made by the H K Porter company of Boston. The tool is a complex assembly of steel parts, with lettering cast into virtually every available surface- on both sides. "Patented in 1892, trademark,  logo, model names and numbers, part identification, operating instructions" they're all there. 
A quick Google shows that H K Porter bolt cutters are still available today though much less decorative.
The name H K Porter is better known as a builder of light steam locomotives from 1899 till 1939, located in Pittsburgh Pa. I'm not how the companies are related, there seem to be different logos.
May 2019 update; While snooping around Cardon Tools near Perth Ontario, I found they had on sale a number of brand new 1950s era 1/4" bolt cutters. Much less fancy but definitely from the same company.

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