Sunday, April 3, 2016

Magic Chef microwave, 1974

Better Homes and Gardens 1974.  Christmas Ideas.

The Magic Chef brand name was first used in 1929, but the company that came up with it dates back to 1901 and the merger of eight companies in St. Louis, Chicago and Cleveland to form the American Stove Company.  The brand became so successful that it became the company name in 1951.  Over the next few decades, ownership passed hands a number of times.  At the time of the ad above, it was owned by Dixie Products out of Cleveland, Tennessee.  It was sold to Maytag in 1986, which was bought by Whirlpool in 2006.  Magic Chef was spun off to the MCA Corporation, an importer of small appliances. They still sell microwave ovens under this brand name, but I don't think they're American-made anymore.

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