Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vanished Tool Makers: Vulcan Manufacturing Co., Winona, Minnesota

My Vulcan "Largrip" wrench:

The company was apparently primarily a manufacturer of car accessories, producing among other things a tripod jack.  The one I own is shown below (although I can't be sure it's a Vulcan as there are no identifying marks on it, and Vulcan wasn't the only manufacturer making these things).  This is also from a time when cars actually had bumpers.

Mechanix Illustrated, April 1951
Hard to say why they thought the "Swiss Miss" costume was appropriate in this photo shoot.

(Image above from Modern Mechanix, Yesterday's Tomorrow Today, an absolutely fantastic site that should be on everyone's bookmark list!)


Anonymous said...

I have a tool made by vulcan manufacturing in winona Minnesota that looks like a jack but it has a ball swivel on the bottom

Mister G said...

Can you send a picture or two of the device to

Anonymous said...

Is it a house trailer Jack that pumps

Anonymous said...

I've the same tool and mine is a Hydraulic Tube pump Jack used for mobile home placement. It's not work so I'd see if Vulcan was still around. No longer exists.