Sunday, October 19, 2014

Seeley Honda 1976

 In the mid-seventies, after the British singles were well and truly obsolete and even Seeley frames couldn't make them competitive, Colin Seeley went into the business of supplying frame kits for the single cam Honda fours in order to take advantage of the "Great American cafe racer boom". The bikes in the pictures- from the Sept 76 Cycle magazine- look like prototypes, the stodgy Honda front fender is still being used, as well as stock exhaust systems. More Here.

Barber 2011

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Steve said...

The wheels on the first photo look like Lester mags. Aftermarket wheels like these were quite popular back then (I had a set on my '76 Goldwing), however many of these manufacturers disappeared after the motorcycle companies, recognizing the market for them, started equipping their bikes with their own factory mags instead of the less popular spoked wheels.