Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wilson's Ginger Ale: Gone, but not forgotten

Wilson's ginger ale dates back to 1875, when Charles Wilson started to bottle various sodas on Sherbourne Street in Toronto. His son Sam, who took over the business in the early 1900's, added the Wilson signature to the bottles.  He also introduced a bottle deposit, perhaps one of the first soda pop companies to do so.  In 1973,the family sold the ownership to Crush International.  The brand disappeared in 1985, a decade after the company's centenary.

In an article in the Toronto Star in 1985, Joey Slinger gave his impressions of the soft drink:

"Wilson’s ginger ale used to have bite, zest, sparkle. It made your whole mouth want to put on its dancing shoes. Taking a swallow of Wilson’s was like getting new batteries in your pacemaker. And it came out in a boldly marked can that seemed to shout, “Ginger ale and proud of it.” At least it did until some genius decided boldness was the wrong approach for ginger ale."
(Source:  Torontoist)

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Unknown said...

Clearly those of us who remember Wilson's ginger ale really liked it. And some, like me, after trying other brands. Have since given up on the search for a replacement. If there is no Wilsons, then there is no ginger ale. Surely the formula still exists. I know if I made soft drinks I'd jump on it.

Clifford Johnston said...

The absolute best. Too bad my grandsons can't enjoy it as I did.