Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hazet tools

It's not clear from the picture, but the motorcycle is supposedly being held up by cables attached to the free end of an open-ended wrench.  The caption reads, "This load can be supported by the new Hazet Extra."  Don't try this at home!  I suppose, however, that it might be fun to swing back and forth during the winter when you couldn't ride on the roads.  Weee!  Or perhaps it represents an uniquely German method for over-torquing fasteners.

I occasionally find Hazet tools.  It's interesting that this one is stamped "Original Hazet", suggesting that they may have had trouble with imitators appropriating their brand name at the time when this tool was made.

The company was established in 1868 by Hermann Zerver. The brand "HAZET" has it's roots in the initials of the founder, the H of Hermann and the Z of Zerver.

The photos below (and the ad above) are screenshots taken from a Hazet film on the company's history.  It's interesting and can be found on youtube.

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