Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Bultaco Astro project

  About 25 years ago I was standing with a friend in his driveway when his nephew drove up. He had just been at a garage sale where there was a strange old dirt bike for sale, name started with Buh... buhh... it had no front brake. I knew immediately what it was! "Take me there!" and so I acquired a heavily race scarred Astro,  complete with chrome plated frame, Banke pipe and blown up motor. I had no money or time at the time, so it hung in the rafters waiting. A couple of years ago I dragged it out and started working on it, rebuilt the motor and cleaned it up, leaving the scars where they didn't affect the operation. So now it looks pretty much like every other Astro, beautiful! At this point I'm not going to race it, I just want to look at it for awhile so it will take up residence in the dining room. Before riding, it'll still need brake parts, coil and a few other things. I've saved the original tank and seat just because.

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Unknown said...

Looking for an old 75 or 76 Bultaco astro 250 in any condition. please contact if you can help