Saturday, February 24, 2018

S.S. Daniel J. Morrell

Dwight Boyer, Ships and Men of the Great Lakes , Dodd, Mead & Co, 1977
Lakers SS Bethlehem, Edward Y. Townsend and the Daniel J. Morrell rest at Cleveland during a steel workers strike. 
The Edward Y. Townsend and the Daniel J. Morrell were making the last run of 1966 when they were caught in a late November storm. Fighting 20 foot waves and 70 mph winds, the Daniel J. Morrell broke in half and sank. Only one crew member survived out of twenty nine, being rescued from a life raft about 14 hrs later. 
During the same storm the Edward Y. Townsend suffered a crack in her deck which caused the end of the ship's career. Two years later, having been sold for scrap and while being towed to Spain, ran into a heavy storm off Newfoundland and sank. 
The SS Bethlehem was retired in 1974, then scrapped in Spain. 

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