Sunday, July 8, 2018

Henry Boker .22 rifle

Here's something interesting sent in by a reader.
 It's a .22 caliber bolt action single shot rifle with a full wood stock in the manner of many military training rifles. The only markings on it are Henry Boker, Germany and it appears to be rare indeed. Henry Boker was a tool, cutlery and hardware manufacturer documented in a previous post here, but we cannot find any information online regarding the manufacture or selling of firearms by the company. Does anyone have details regarding this aspect of the company?


Grey Starr said...

Not sure if this is the same Boker - no mention of guns

Remember to use the web archive (waybackmachine) of sites or pages that are "dead"

Steve said...

I have this same gun

oldguns said...

Steve as we seem to be the only 2 in the world that have these (pretty exclusive club) maybe we should talk

Mister G said...

Hi Steve, If you could send me your contact at I could put you guys in touch with each other.