Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Cycle Canada, Magic of Motorcycling 1975

 A little tattered maybe, but this must have been Cycle Canada Magazine's first Buyer Guide. I'm not sure when the magazine started but at that point it was in a glossy-covered newspaper format (I'll ask John Cooper the next time I see him). This magazine continued the newsprint-quality pages but was mostly a directory of all the 1975 model year motorcycles available in Canada. A big deal! 

The lineup was pretty much the same as the US except there was a special name for a Yamaha for the Quebec market. (Bottom)

FS1E Quebecois moped

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Anonymous said...

.... I remember a young lad many years ago falling for the dreamy rhetoric of these advertisers. Oh but what they failed to mention:
- bugs.
- burning oil and exhaust fumes.
- sand,gravel and potholes.
- ten degree temperature drops.
- weather changing every hour.
- anything four wheel which can't abide anything two wheel.
- the looong curving stretch of blacktop, still looking for it.
If it exists it will no doubt be bumper to bumper traffic with at
least one person driving twenty under the limit.
Got a mint 1980 Honda CB750K with only 3000km stored somewhere.