Thursday, January 19, 2023

Montesa King Scorpion

About eight years late to the party with oil injection- finally!, the Spanish companies were struggling for sales against the rapidly improving Japanese dual purpose bikes. Weird seventies graphics in this ad, but a good looking bike. More here.



a 2 stroke low pipe enthusiast bike. polished motor and beautiful wheels. everything about the bike looked very stylish. the jokers who bought this bike would keep them perfectly clean. they always wore the most expensive helmet sold in the shop. for some reason the guys who owned a Montesa also liked canoeing and hangliding and deep sea diving, so they were all killed to death eventually in tragic unfortunate accidents that's why no one knows anyone who had a Montesa. no, YOU shut up.

stroker crazy said...

... afflicted by the Prince of Darkness.

Mister G said...

Lucas, made in Spain. cringe.