Monday, January 2, 2023

Norstar Munari

Dramatic photo for an ad! By the limited amount of info online, Norstar Munari had a brief run in the seventies as a manufacturer of motocross wear, pictures of leather boots and pants (made in Italy) do appear. The text at the bottom says the line was imported by Hart Ski Manufacturing. A quick Google showed that Hart Skis seems to be in trouble today, they have decided to "take a break" with no production for the upcoming season. Odd.




I had the yellows one in 1974 and I wore yellow socks. strange pic in the ad. what is that bike? it has the down tube fork stops and shiney frame. a kickstand. shouldered wheels. someone tell me what bike that is, right this instant.

Mister G said...

Yellow fender...and possibly seatbase? Small diameter tubing, with a larger curve that the Japanese typically use, do not recognize that engine... is it a four stroke? Possibly an obscure Italian make? Your mission...:-)


maybe it's a Rokon-