Thursday, January 26, 2023

Rob North Triumph frame

I always thought the Rob North Triumph frames looked "correct" with those top tubes wrapping around the engine heading in a straight line to the swingarm pivot, allowing a great big triangular tank to sit on top- perfect for roadracing. With all the mechanical and cosmetic things removed it almost looks modern. 

But, bottom pic, how well did it work as a dirttracker, I wonder?

Lindsay Brooke, Triumph Racing Motorcycles in America, Motorbooks 1996



rats said...

I think that bright idea, born of machine shortage, stuck around for no more than a few races.

Romero sure looks undelighted. His teammates, Nixon and Aldana, got proper FT bikes, and Jim Rice had a beauty of a BSA triple that season. All of them too heavy & unwieldy (again, I think but not that well informed).


the exhaust looks good. the muffler shape and upswept angle is nice. if they would have painted the tank gold metal flake with candy flames and used beautiful stylish hand painted numbers, if the frame had been chromed.... red seat cover. leathers and helmet that looked like a skeleton. trophy girls wearing string bikinis and go-go boots. chain smoking Winstons.