Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Magneto synchronizer

 By US industrial Tool and Supply Co. for aircraft engine tuning use, and still available today, magnetos are still common today.
  Wish I could add more to the following statement, found at least three suppliers;  "For internal timing and synchronizing of magnetos to the aircraft engines. Simply attach 3 clips to magnetos and adjust until both lights flash in synchrony and the buzzer changes pitch."


Beazld said...

Looks like a Turbo Encabulator adjuster to me,

Grant said...

I need one of those for my LG45 Lagonda which is fitted with twin Scintilla Vertex magnetos. Off to the internet!

Dave said...

Here's a good, but somewhat disconcerting explanation:


I guess the idea of synchronization is there's no point in two spark plugs if they don't fire at the same time. And in the case of redundancy in the event of one mag failing in flight, you don't want a "skip" to occur (can't think of a better way to say that).

Mister G said...

"but you are now 100-percent dependent on the single remaining magneto in the system, one that just demonstrated to you that it isn’t always reliable."

Mister G said...

Grant; at least you can coast to the side of the road if a mag fails:-) Not so much in an airplane.

Dave said...

I loved that line.