Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Be Careful!

I used to work with an ex-air force mechanic. He had a standard quip anytime I carelessly dropped a tool on the floor;
 "Good thing you don't work on seaplanes!"

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Anonymous said...

Ex Air Force fitters? Don't get me started! Because aeroplanes have oleo struts and hydraulic systems here in NZ they used to tumble out of the RNZAF straight into the civilian hydraulics industry. Most of them were seriously chemical affected from years of cleaning 'plane parts in trichloroethylene baths and had the work ethics of dead sloths. They were hopeless! That was 40 years ago and I've been highly resistant to employing ex service people ever since. The curious mixture of unworldliness and over entitlement they exhibit makes them a rash gamble, sadly...