Friday, February 20, 2015

Speed "Master" Lifetime C-clamp

I picked this up recently,  I can't find any information on the clamp, including why the manufacturer put "Master" in quotation marks. The thumb screw in the centre of the threaded section of the forging is made of plastic, and rotates as the screw is turned.  When turned on its own, it advances but doesn't lock the screw, so maybe it's meant to offer some kind of fine adjustment.  I don't know why anyone would need such a feature.

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Tom Gaspick said...

Possibly the thumb screw is for use of the clamp in tight spots, where you wouldn't want the clamp's handle colliding with an adjacent obstruction every half-turn of the screw as you close up the clamp.

I notice that the handle is missing -- it may have been intentionally made to be readily removable. In use, you could remove the handle, snug up the clamp with the thumb screw without the handle colliding and clanging on you, then insert the handle for final tightening.

The quotation marks are mystifying. I figure either the maker had a poor grasp of the proper use of quotation marks, and added them for an 'underscore' effect, or he secretly didn't really think all that highly of his clamp design, and was using the quotation marks as irony quotation marks.