Sunday, February 15, 2015

Stanley Surform

My selection of Stanley Surform tools, most made at their Roxton Pond factory in Québec.

The "Miracle Cutting Tool" was based on a 1956 patent (diagram below) awarded to Christopher Hodgson Booth, and one of several patents which he assigned to Firth-Brown Tools of Sheffield, England and to Simmonds Aeroccesories which initially produced the tool.  

(Sir Oliver Simmonds had sold this business in 1948 and moved to the Bahamas, where he built what is now known as the Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort.  This is where the Beatles filmed the movie "Help!")

Stanley bought the U.S. manufacturing rights, and then apparently the original company that produced the tool.  
L. Donald Meyers & Richard Demske.  Furniture Repair and Refinishing,  Reston Publishing  Co. Inc. (Prentice-Hall), 1978.

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