Wednesday, February 11, 2015


An advertising promotion for Mangalloy steel, a trademark for manganese steel registered by the Ford Steel Company of St. Louis, Missouri. It's actually quite a nice little pocket screwdriver with a magnet on the opposite end. Manganese steel, first made in 1882 by Sir Robert Hadfield (and so also called Hadfield steel) was the first alloy to be created from carbon steel.  The tin helmets used in World War I by the British (and the "doughboy helmets" by the Americans) were one early use of this this steel.

This particular tool carries the name of Bob Moffat Supply Limited of Atikokan, Ontario.  At the time, phone numbers only used four digits, compared to today's ten!  (Moffat Supply, founded in 1955, is still around, supplying products to local mines and businesses.  Atikokan, which is Ojibwe for "caribou bones" now bills itself as the "Canoeing Capital of Canada.")

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