Friday, January 22, 2016

We used to make things in this country. #225: Garrett Manufacturing Ltd., Rexdale, Ontario

I found this metal badge bent into a bracket (hence all of the holes drilled in it) in a box of stuff I picked up recently.

Garrett Manufacturing Limited was established in 1954 as a Canadian division of the Garrett Aerospace Company of Los Angeles.  At its height, the Toronto operation employed 1400 people, making and repairing specialty aircraft components for both Canadian and foreign airlines.  By 1968, it was down to 500 employees.  It became Garrett Canada after being bought by Allied-Signal, a Fortune 500 company.  Since 2000, it has only been awarded one Canadian government contract, worth about $80,000. A google search for "Garrett Canada" yields very little, so I'm forced to conclude that the company is gone.


Anonymous said...

It's still a large ongoing operation, now called Honeywell Aerospace, Mississauga

David Fogarty said...

I worked at Garrett for 6 years and my father was employee number 5 when they opened in Canada. They had a plant across from Disneyland in LA