Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Gripping Tales: Elliott-Lucas Ltd., Birmingham, England

Below, the Eliott-Lucas pliers in my possession:

This Cannock (Birmingham) firm was established by T.L. Elliott & Co.  By 1971, they were responsible for making 40 percent of the pliers, pincers and nippers in the U.K.  They were acquired by James Neill Holdings, which is now a part of Spear & Jackson Ltd. where Elliott-Lucas is still used as a brand of pliers.

Elliott-Lucas had a subsidiary called Elvicta Cabinet and Tool in Crickhowell, southwest of Birmingham, where wooden parts for various cabinet-making tools were made.  Visit Crickhowell's Industrial Heritage to read an account of what it was like to work there in the 1950's.

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Rob said...

I had temporary lost my faithful insulated cutters and when I found them back (Oef!) I was curious about their heritage. I could just read Elliot-Lucas on the pivot area and Google brought me here. Pleased to see the name is still in use hopefully to the same quality that is still excellent after, I estimate, 50-60 years. Mine are marked PW773-5" Ultra Tensile.

Mister G said...

Thanks for the comment!

Unknown said...

I am a bit of a tool geek but I had not heard of Elliott-Lucas until today when I found a pair of their combination pliers at a second hand shop. I got it for a dollar. It is a model PW138 so it may be quite old.

Unknown said...

Turns out that it is not very old. Farnel-element14 had recently stocked it.

Scott H said...

I have a rather large collection of vintage UK made tools including a lot made by Elliot Lucas.
It all started some 8 years ago, I was an electrician on the road fitting trackers into vehicles, whilst I was at a job my van was broken into and most of my tools were stolen, not having a great deal of money at the time I took to going to car boot sales buying up replacement tools, pliers, cutters, Screwdrivers, Spanners, Socket sets etc etc, I don't think I've paid over £20, and even then that was for some Snap-On kit.
My favourite pair of Elliot Lucas Pliers are chrome plated and marked "Elliot Lucas England" with "Rolls Royce" below, cost 50 Pence at a boot sale, i have others marked "Hoover" "GPO" and various marked with date and broad arrow signifying government property.
These were expensive when new, fact these can be bought for pence now is amazing, will certainly outlast most modern tools, and the people that use them!
see you at the boot sales.

Alan williams said...

I have just acquired a pair of Elliot Lucas pliers . They are stamped Elliot Lucas Lymm
There was a factory in Lymm During the first half Of the 20th Century so i assume they were
Made there. It was called the Lancashire tool company. Does anyone have any information on this as
I read hear that Elliot Lucas was based in Cannock only. Thanks

Jim Burton, Manchester said...

Have a pair dated 1943, got them in a box of miscellaneous tools from a junk shop.The teeth are still sharp and they have a grip like a scotchman on a 10 pound note!

Mick M said...

Bought a set of 8'' insulated pliers about 1974, I was apprenticed as an electrician. Still got them, working fine.

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of pliers that i got in the 70's when I was a craft engineering apprentice.
Still in use with very little side play