Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sherpa T Slimline

The Kit Campeon was the first design for Bultaco from Luis Carrera who joined the company after graduating design school in Italy in 1969. He did a great job, to my eye this is one of the most beautiful dirt bikes ever made.

The kit was introduced for some factory riders in 1970. Martin Lampkin rode the British Experts on a normal M49 in November 1970. The kit only became available for customers to buy in 1971 about the same time the model 80 was introduced. There are many pictures of factory riders on the M49 in 1969 and none have the kit, even in 1970 most are on a normal M49. The bike in the brochure is the MK3 which wasn't sold until 1970. The model 80 is shown below. About 2900 units were made in '71 and '72.

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