Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"The Favorite" Earth Closet 1872

Canada Year Book 1988.  120th Anniversary.
Published by authority of the Minister of Supply and Services, 1987.

Before the advent of indoor plumbing, the call of nature could be heeded indoors with the use of "earth closets" where the, ahem, results could be mixed in a separate compartment with dry soil or even fireplace or stove ashes.  Proponents argued that they were safer than cesspits and more economical than "water closets."  In spite of this, indoor plumbing began to appear in the 1890's and the earth closet took a back seat in technological history.

Anderson & Kedey were manufacturers in St. John, New Brunswick.  George Anderson had previously made pianos, so it was perhaps not an illogical step to make earth closets.  Less is known about Robert Kedey.  City directories of the time indicate that Anderson & Kedey was short-lived, and that Anderson went back to pianos.

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