Saturday, May 24, 2014

Lusitania reincarnated

Barrie Pitt (Editor).  Great Battles of the 20th Century.  Grosset & Dunlap
in association with Phoebus, 1977.
"Hello, Germans.  I'm back!"

I would assume that this tank was named in memory of (and in vengeance for) the RMS Lusitania, sunk by German torpedos in May 1915.  The battle of Monchy-le-Preux took place in April 1917.

Hugh W. Peart & John Schaffter.  The Winds of Change.  A History of Canada and Canadians in the Twentieth Century.  Toronto:  The Ryerson Press, 1961.


Graham Clayton said...

Photo was taken on the 8th of April. The next day, "Lusitania" suffered a mechanical failure and broke down. The crew had to abandon it but it was later recovered. On the 10th April 1917 the tank was accidentally destroyed by a British artillery shell.

Mister G said...

Amazing how much detailed info is known about these old pictures, thanks! Have you seen the movie” They shall not grow old”?