Saturday, May 17, 2014

Vanished Tool Makers: Tirem, Germany

Above, three punches/chisels made by Tirem.  I don't think that these were quality tools by German standards, as the knurling is very poor.  

Still, Tirem was apparently at one time a leading manufacturer of hand striking tools.  I can't find out how far back Tirem goes, but it was bought by the German tool firm Padre in 1996.  

Padre reportedly filed for insolvency in 2011, an unusual occurrence for a German tool company.  It has since been acquired by the Rennsteig Tools in Viernau, Germany.  (The new company owes its name to the Rennsteig Footpath in the Thuringian Highlands, the oldest footpath in Europe.  Their website even has a video about the footpath!)  


Anonymous said...

Some folks found a tool you made. How can I send a picture? No one knows what it is.

Mister G said...

Hi! You can send a pic to
I'm intrigued!