Monday, July 28, 2014

City of Monticello

Iceboats to Superferries An illustrated History of Maritime Atlantic Breakwater Books Ltd. 1992
The paddlewheeler City of Monticello, built in 1866 and modernized in 1885, provided steamer service between Saint John and Digby from 1889 to 1896 when she was obsoleted by the new and faster Prince Rupert. She sank off Yarmouth in November 1900 with a loss of 36 lives.

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Planemech said...

That walking beam (above the paddle wheel) caught my eye. I've seen one before, on Americas last remaining side paddlewheel steamer, the Ticonderoga. If you're ever in upstate Vermont I recommend a visit to the ship at the Shelburne Museum. The restoration is beautiful.