Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vanished tool makers: SHC clamp

A nice little clamp I picked up recently.  It has a very deep throat, making it especially useful.  I had to straighten it and make a new swivel pad for it.

Made of malleable iron, like a lot of clamps.  I've no idea what S.H.C. stood for.  Someone on the Web has suggested the "Standard Hardware Company."  There was a company by that name started in Pensacola, Florida in 1948, but I don't know if they ever made clamps.

Interesting that the clamp is marked "122-1/2." Surely a model number wouldn't contain a fraction?   It's a 2-1/2" clamp, so maybe that size and type of clamp was given 12 as a model number?

Below, a 2-inch S.H.C. clamp image snagged from the Web, this one a Model 122:

Mine is now hanging on my clamp wall.  You can never have enough clamps!

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lbgradwell said...

You can never have enough clamps? I'd say you must be getting close!

S.H.C. was the "Standard Hardware Co" of New Haven, CT.