Friday, July 11, 2014

Vanished Makers: L.F. Grammes & Sons, Allentown, Pennsylvania

I turned up several of these at a sale some time ago:

It's an advertisement for Bausch & Lomb eyeglasses.  Interesting that back then visual acuity was a safety issue, versus distracted driving today.

The reflector was made by Grammes Inc. of Allentown, Pennsylvania.  The patent is from 1935 and relates to a method of making club emblems on automobiles more readable at night:

The patent was assigned to L.F. Grammes & Sons, Inc. of Allentown, Pennsylvania.  That company was founded in 1875, and made an amazing variety of products, including band saws, metal lathes, vices, box nailers and presses, but was better known for its sheet metal products.  It appears to have disappeared in the 1960's.

Popular Mechanics, 1906

Popular Mechanics, April 1959


penelope said...

I have a small pyrographic trinket or glove box with L.F. Grammes hinges. The hinges tell me it is not a cigar box. It is on Etsy if you want to take a look. LongRiderEmporium. I should have good clear photos of the hinges posted by 2 April.

Unknown said...

Today is September 4, 2019. I was shopping squired a wood burnished gloves box with the brass hinges stamped: wizard :L.F.GRAMMES&SONS
ALLENTOWN, PA The lid and box is in excellent condition and if someone wants to see pictures LMK
I Believe it's ''30's, or 40's. Whoever owned it was right handed.
A tad worn 😏 on the inside of the lid from being held often to store precious contents. I was delighted to find it, in Phoenix!

Unknown said...

Contact concerning the glove box

Mister G said...

I'd love to have pictures of the box! You could send them to, Thanks!