Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ford T-5893 Wrenches

I was given a neglected old tool box the other day. It was hand-lettered "big wrenches" but these were the only wrenches inside, 5/8" box end and 15/16"open end. Apparently they are Ford "head bolt wrenches" of varying ages. The one marked Ford is earlier, the other one has an indiscernible mark. Not really useful or valuable, as I'm unlikely to be removing any Ford Model T or tractor heads anytime soon. However they have found a home and will join the other Ford-marked wrenches in the toolboxes of the family 8Ns. 


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Mister G said...

I guess with 15 million Model Ts sold there are a lot of wrenches still floating around out there. I'm looking for the one that came with the tractor and doubled as a gas gauge.