Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fractional Horsepower Motors made at the Canadian General Electric Company, Peterborough, Ontario

For the full brochure, including connection diagrams for Type KH and KC single phase motors, click here.

According to GE Canada's website"The Canadian Works at Peterborough," as it was known for years, was first inaugurated in 1891 by the Edison General Electric Company.  The following year, the Canadian General Electric Works received a federal charter.  In the same year, the company received the largest order for electrical equipment in Canada at the time, made by the Toronto Street Railway and valued at $1.5 million.  In 1895, CGE acquired the Brooks Manufacturing Company, which later became the Porcelain, and then the Plastics Department.  In 1899 (and only for that year), the Peterborough plant produced the Canadian General Electric electric car, essentially a Woods Electric. In 1900, the company installed the first generators made in Peterborough into the Chaudiere River generating station. The plant is still in business.

Photos above from Fred Kee, The Electrical Manufacturing Industry

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