Monday, November 17, 2014

One of my vices is vises: Emmert Manufacturing Company, Wainsboro, Pennsylvania

Canadian Workshop, June 1979
Ah, life before the Internet!  So close, and yet so far.  All poor Mr. Grisard had to go on was the company name and the city of manufacture, so too bad there wasn't something like the yellow pages or long-distance directory assistance available back then.  Oh wait, there was!  That being said, all Mr. Grisard would have to do today is google the name and voilĂ !
The Iron Hand--Emmert Vises.  It turns out that, although very few people have heard of the vise, it's actually quite famous.

Anyway, I guess it's now to late to "contact this magazine immediately" to help him out.

According to the Emmert vise website, the vise was patented in 1891, and the company continued production into the late 1970's. I'd love to have one of their vises.

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