Thursday, November 13, 2014

Vanished tool makes: Nubrex grease guns, Surrey, England


Motorcycle Mechanics, April 1964
Automobile 1955

Charles J. Neuman made these grease guns and other grease fittings in South Croydon.  A visitor pointed out that the company was liquidated in 1978.  Below, from the link he provided to The London Gazette of March 3, 1978:

For a while, the old factory became something called "The Empowerment Centre", a "function room and banqueting centre," but that also seems to have failed.  As David Secombe wrote in his piece on Croydon, "Central Croydon is a pitiful 1960s attempt to construct an international city on the corpse of a Surrey market town."  Ouch!

Google Maps Streetview, August 2012


Baz said...

Hi your post prompted me to google the company...found an entry in the london gazzette for the winding up of ch neuman in 1978

The Duke said...

Thanks for this! I've added it to the post.

Unknown said...

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