Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Optimistic Rotary advertising

A hopeful Suzuki paid a lot for this double foldout ad for the Giugiaro-styled RE5 Rotary. The centerfold was 4 full pages wide. Sadly the bike flopped, but Suzuki anteed up again in 1981 with another daring European-styled futuristic statement, the Katana.



VectorWarbirds said...

Glass smooth motorcycle? Seems like a contradiction in what motorcycling is all about. Wind in your face visceral experience is what most want.


I can remember when I was boy thinking that cylinder shaped cover on top of the head light with the round assed reflectors looked stupid and ugly. when I look at it today it still looks ugly. I wouldn't kick it out of my bed though.

Mister G said...

Yeah, but it matches the stupid cylindrical tail light. In conclusion, as a rule, car designers should not try to do motorcycles.

rats said...

Truer word was never spoke. For further queasemaking reference, see "'69 BSA Rocket III,"
"1971 Triumph twins," "Maserati Six," et al.

My first in-person look at a Trident, c. 1970, troubles my dreams to this day. The paint alone would make a person wish they was colorblind -- the color, not found in nature, might have been called Metallic Cream-of-Leek Soup. I think the other paint option that years was Polychrome Cloaca Pink.

Anonymous said...

"Optimistic Rotary"