Wednesday, July 21, 2021



 I've made a couple of previous posts on the Phänomen and have combined them into this one. For some reason, these things creep me out. I can picture them as the only vehicles appearing in a steampunk horror movie, a genre I think that really needs developing... Picture a Victorian version of the Bladerunner set as a starting point.

Phänomen (Phenomenon in English) was the name of the company, the ungainly vehicle pictured above was the van version of the Phänomobile. A 6.5 hp engine mounted on the fork powered the front wheel and steered with the wheel. These vehicles were made in Germany from 1905 right through to 1927, when production shifted to more conventional trucks.  Below a high ranking German officer is given a tour of a ruined Belgian town in what must be another example of the strange vehicle. None of the occupants seem happy, perhaps it was all that was left in the motor pool. 

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