Friday, January 27, 2023

Trans Europ Express 1964

The CC40100 was the first locomotive to be able to run on the different currents of different countries, allowing a straight run with the same locomotive.  Poster by Albert Brenet


rats said...

Q. Name the c. 1958 American sedan whose styling treatment that train designer swiped.

A. Uh ... All of them?

Mister G said...

Yes and 5 years too late :-)But why the backward slope windshield?

JP said...

Would have said Edsel, but turns out he did have some ideas of his own,
and a name to go with it: "Nez Cassé" (Broken Nose).

You can google some of his one-off wacky cars too, seems he was a genuinely
creative guy.

Mister G said...

Thanks for the link, an Industrial Designer I had not heard of, yes wacky cars. Paul Arzens.