Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A ship named Sioux

The Day Before Yesterday.  Northern Newfoundland and Southern Labrador 1958-1964.  Photographs by Horace McNeill.  A Gullybank Production, 2003.
Taken in 1962.  The caption reads, "Horace McNeill took the photos with a Zeiss Icon he bought in 1958."

What a sight against that huge iceberg!

This ship was a V-class destroyer that began her services as H.M.S. Vixen before being transferred to the Canadian navy.  During her career, she participated in an attack on the Tirpitz, escorted convoys to Murmansk, bombarded shore batteries on Juno Beach during the Normandy invasion, and helped celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.   She served in Korea and was the last Canadian ship to leave those waters.  She was broken up in Italy in 1965.

Too bad she couldn't have been preserved as a monument.

Another view, location and date unknown.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the additional information on the ship's history. I did the book and scanned the slide into digital format. The photo was taken by my father, Horace McNeill.
Curt McNeill