Thursday, January 29, 2015

Unusual Tools: Goldblatt Tool Company, Kansas City, Missouri

A mason's corner line block, for holding a mason's line at outside corners.  Thanks to Mark Stansbury for identifying the tool for me.

Henry Goldblatt founded the H. Goldblatt Tool Company in 1885 in Kansas City, Missouri.  Initially, he was a re-seller of tools to tradesmen such as cement finishers, bricklayers, plasterers, lathers, and tile setters.  Beginning in the 1920's, Goldbatt began to manufacture his own plaster and cement trowels.  Eventually, the company became so big that it only sold through dealers and in 1965 it built a new factory on a 9-acre site in Kansas City, but this time in Kansas.  In 1992, Stanley bought the company, but as the market share for such tools eroded, Stanley divested the company in 2005.  It was bought by FinishPro Tools of Lenexa, Kansas, which had already been making many Goldblatt-branded tools for Stanley.  In 2006, the Goldblatt Tool Company LLC was re-established as a sole business entity.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this! We were doing some work on our older home and we dug up one of these and had no idea what it was. A few google searches for the name "Goldblatt" and "KC MO" turned up your page. Mystery solved!

Unknown said...

Any idea what this tool is worth? I also found one and another tool that looks like a handle with two wheels on it