Sunday, January 25, 2015

Toronto scenes; Queen St. Looking west to Spadina Ave.

Mike Filey, Look at Us Now, Toronto Sun 1971
 1910, We can see three turreted buildings along Queen St. The Moler Barber College building was known as the Mary Pickford Theatre.
Mike Filey, Look at Us Now, Toronto Sun 1971
1970; We've lost one the turreted buildings but little has changed. A discount store occupies the former Moler Barber College building. The PCC car replaces the old wooden streetcars.

2015; Retail still reigns supreme in this stretch. The discount store in the Barber College building has been replaced by a McDonalds. The former substantial brick building (behind the new-but-about-to-be-replaced streetcar) is now a concrete modernist style TD bank. A condo towers over the last remaining turreted building on the left. The Horseshoe Tavern (out of camera angle in the 1970 shot) has been there since 1947, providing live music and springboarding local talent.
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