Thursday, January 15, 2015

His Majesty's Minesweepers

Prepared for the British Admiralty by the Ministry of Information, 1943, this is a fascinating account of this essential activity during WWII. The British knew that it would also be read by the Germans, so the content seems to cock a snook in their direction.  Something like, "Nasty things, those mines. You chaps go to all of this trouble, but we just get down to business and clean up your ugly mess."

The book belonged to a friend's father, who went on to become Base Commander at C.F.B. Kingston.  

RCEME Journal
For another account of what it was like to serve on the minesweepers during World War II, read Alistair MacLean's short story, "They Sweep the Seas."  My copy was published in The Lonely Sea (Fontana/Collins, 1985).

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