Thursday, March 26, 2020

Model T on tracks
I can't find any info on this image, but it appears to be a demonstration for the military of an adaptation of the Model T. It looks like it might be fun to play with. 
What model tank is that in the background? 
 The vehicle is entirely coated with mud, as you'd expect of something without fenders but somehow the driver in his black overcoat is completely untouched. Staged? 


JP said...

The commentators here seem to have a few ideas about the details:

pzak said...

Actually the tank is a Mk VIII "The Mark VIII "International Tank" (also "Liberty" when powered by the American Liberty engine) would become the first tank in history to be produced via an international collaborative effort - this made possible through an agreement between the United States and Great Britain with production to be undertaken in France, " It was not used in WW1 due to production delays and only a hundred or so were produced. They were mostly used by the US. I had never hear of this particular model before. Cool!

Mister G said...

Good informed comments in Hemmings, Detroit seems likely, although there seems to be difference of opinion on the location of the bridge. That's almost worth a post in itself!
Thanks for ID on the tank... there isn't enough on view in that pic for even my kid to ID it:-)

Dave said...

This reddit thread claims to have a bit more detail, and agrees with the Hemmings thread that the location is the Taft Bridge in DC (looking at pics of the bridge I have to agree)

Mister G said...

The power of the internet, they even know the people's names!