Sunday, March 8, 2020

Wichita cycle car

 The peak of cycle cars in North America was 1914. About that time three young draftsman-engineers employed by the Wichita Truck Company decided to design and build some sporty little cycle cars, and furnished the motorcycle wheels and engines. This project was not official and the 3 cars varied in suspension, drive train, steering, and body. A Spacke V-twin is mentioned as an engine used and the top speed as 55 mph. The plan was to take the best features and go into production but common sense prevailed and the project never went further.

Trying a car on the Wichita Truck test ramp.
Spacke V twin


VectorWarbirds said...

Love that cyclops headlight.

rats said...

There's a Spacke cyclecar engine for sale on (vintage flat track) right now. Scroll down a bit, past the cascading illiteracies of the site runner, to find it.

Mister G said...

thanks, I've added it to the post. Good description of the state of the site:-)