Thursday, April 1, 2021

April Fools Day. Stonehenge

 The purported prehistoric origins of Stonehenge is a hoax. Here's photographic proof that it is actually only a bit more than 100 years old.
And another thing, much is made of who it might have been that set up the stones and where they might have moved them from. I've noticed there are stones missing from the circle. My question is, who were the people that took them, and where are those stones now?



VectorWarbirds said...

The man on the top to the left is my great uncle Giuseppe, he was a stonecutter when the hoax was perpetuated. They were all sworn to silence under the Great Stone of Ethos. We just discovered his diary that tells all.

tonyand03 said...

The really sneaky part was in depositing ancient skeletons under parts of the site to fool future archeologists.

Anonymous said...

And what do they do when the semi-annual time change happens? Tell me that!